Operation "Big target"

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The Japanese red army

May 30, 1972. The attack of three armed with assault rifles and grenades of the terrorists on passengers at Lod airport (tel Aviv, Israel). There is a version about the involvement of the terrorist Carlos the Jackal. Japanese Kozo too Okamoto, Rakeshi Okudaira and Yoshiki Yasuda passed the three-month military training in Lebanon. Then was transferred to Rome, where he obtained the guns in Czechoslovakia and hand grenades. May 30, 1972, they flew a flight Rome - Tokyo with a stopover in Israel. At Lod airport, the Japanese began firing indiscriminately at the occupants of the building terminal of the passengers. One of the terrorists was killed by police, one was killed by his own grenade, and Kozo too Okamoto - arrested and sentenced to prison. Just the result of the operation, 26 people died and 72 were wounded; among the victims were 16 were pilgrims from Puerto Rico. For this reason was born aphorism: "Jews and Palestinians hate each other, and so the Japanese are killing Puerto Ricans".