Terrorist operations KAI

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The red army of Japan

In 1974, carried out sabotage against the plant shell in Singapore and hostage-taking. A team of terrorists consisted of Japanese (Haruo Wako) and two Palestinians.
In 1974 terrorists KAI seized the French Embassy in the Netherlands. In the organization of this operation is also suspected Ilich Ramirez Sanchez. Fighters KAI, capturing the French Ambassador and his staff hostage-takers demanded the release of arrested in France terrorists KAI. To reinforce the threat, Carlos blew up in Paris the pharmacy, resulting in 2 people were killed and 30 wounded. France complied with the conditions of the terrorists.
In August 1975, ten KAI terrorists seize hostages at the U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. The hostages were exchanged for five of the arrested terrorists.
In 1977 the terrorists in Bombay, taking the plane with 159 hostages. They were exchanged for six arrested in Japan of terrorists and $ 6 million. The terrorists fled Algeria.
In September 1984, an attack on the French Embassy in the Hague. Was seized 11 hostages.
In may 1986 from a mortar fired by the Japanese and the American Embassy in Jakarta.
In June 1987 there had been simultaneous acts of sabotage against embassies of the USA and great Britain in Rome. Used rockets and explosives. The responsibility assumed AIIB.
In April 1988, an attempt is made to simultaneously sabotage in new Jersey and Naples. In the United States was arrested Yiwu Kikumura, and in Italy the operation was more successful terrorists - the explosion near the Club of American servicemen killed five people. The responsibility was taken AIIB.
In July 1988 there was an assault on the American Embassy in Madrid.