The assassination of Alexander II Karadjordjevic

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The first attempt to assassinate the king of Yugoslavia Alexander II was done in December 1933, a Croatian terrorist, who arrived in Yugoslavia from the camp in Janka-Blank (Hungary). Thanks to the actions of the Yugoslav intelligence services, the attack was prevented.
The second assassination attempt on Alexander II was taken in Zagreb in March 1934. Prepared in camp Borgotaro (Italy) terrorists were sent to Austria, on the slopes, crossed the Yugoslav border and the train arrived in Zagreb. The crime was prevented by the police.
The king of Yugoslavia was assassinated by terrorists in a joint operation by German and Italian intelligence agencies, the Croatian and Macedonian terrorists in October 1934 in Marseilles.
Alexander II arrived in France for talks on the establishment of anti-German bloc. About the preparations of terrorists the security service was known, but the king did not want to reschedule the trip. October 9, 1934 Alexander II arrived in Marseille. During a trip to the city the king and the Minister of foreign Affairs of France Louis Barthou and the chief of the General staff of France, General Georges was attacked. Terrorist Macedonian origin was shot multiple times and killed Alexander II and Louis Barthou. Also died a few outsiders.