LRA is one of the cruelest and most extravagant armed formations. It is believed to be created in 1987. A leader of the movement, Josef Koni, declared himself a prophet and declared war for creation of the order based on the Ten Commandments. Actually, LRA is rather an extensive bandit movement than a political organization with a certain program of social and political reforms. This organization and its leaders feel more comfortable in a situation of an absolute anarchy, which not only allows them to easily enrich themselves, but also gives them almost unlimited power over the regions of the two neighboring countries, Uganda and Sudan. This power rests upon absolute violence and unlimited power over individuals, and its ultimate purpose is power and violence. The classical style of the organization's crimes is mass kidnappings. These kids later turn into commandos. The training is quite simple – the future warrior is forced to kill somebody, often his relatives.
There are a lot of photos where the warlords of the organization posture in a military uniform with shoulder straps and various patches. This special weakness of the LRA warlords for the insignia stresses the absence of any positive social ideas that could move the organization. On the contrary, their uniting principle becomes more apparent: it is striving for power and violence. One can clearly see a cockade on beret Vincent Otti, and the same signs on his shoulder straps.


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