Палестинское вооружённое движение

Six-Point Program of the PLO

(December 4, 1977)

In the wake of Sadat's treasonous visit to the Zionist entity, all factions of the Palestinian Resistance Movement have decided to make a practical answer to this step. On this basis, they met and issued the following document:

We, all factions of the PLO, announce the following:


Fatah's Political Programm

Palestine is a part of the Arab homeland.

The Palestinian people are an indivisible part of the Arab nations. The Palestinian people have been living in their homeland Palestine, from time immemorial....Since the dawn of Islam and up to the present, the Palestinian people have been the heart of the Arab and Islamic nation protecting the first Qiblah and the third holiest shrine [AlAqsa Mosque]....


Abu Ali Mustafa Speaks (PFLP)

An interview with the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Abu Ali Mustafa

Al-Jazeera, the Qatari satellite TV channel known as the Arabic CNN, interviewed Mustafa (1) on his future political line, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the armed struggle. Following are excerpts from the interview:

Armed Struggle Still Holds


The PLO Covenant

Article 1: Palestine is the homeland of the Palestinian Arab people and an integral part of the great Arab homeland, and the people of Palestine is a part of the Arab nation.


Article 2: Palestine with its boundaries that existed at the line of the British Mandate is an indivisible territorial unit.

Article 3: The Palestinian Arab people possesses the legal right to its home land, and, when the liberation of its home land is completed, it will exercise selfdetermination solely according to its own will and choice.


Founded on 11 December 1967, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is a progressive vanguard organization of the Palestinian working class. It is guided by Marxism-Leninism and, together with other leftwing Palestinian organizations is struggling to build a working-class party. The PFLP aims to mobilize and lead the struggle of the Palestinian masses for the return to Palestine, self-determination, and the establishment of a Palestinian state.