The assassination attempt on Charles de Gaulle

De Gaulle was subjected to thirty attempts, most of which were organised by the CCA. In may 1961 on the highway near Paris in the car of the President of the thrown bomb, 8.9.1961 attempted assassination in Paris. Undertaken by order of play group of 4 people. The head of turgrupp — Henri Manouri (the owner of the insurance office), the implementation of the assassination attempt signaled the approach of the President's car. Dominic de La Prad (including the "infernal machine") — the controller of the airport; members of turgrupp — Marcial de La Vilsandi (b. the Director of "Radio Saigon," the insurance agent), Arman Belvisi (car salesman). In may 1962, during a visit to de Gaulle the Central regions of France, attempted assassination using a sniper, the conspiracy was headed by Jean-Louis, Blanche and Henri Slaboda (agents, "Delta"), was attended by four terrorists. Blanche planned to blow up a railway crossing with the return of the President to Paris, or kill him with a sniper rifle during the ceremony of meeting the President of Mauritania. After the Evian agreements of the CCA saw no other means to prevent the independence of Algeria, as the assassination of de Gaulle. In anticipation of 1.7.1962 self-determination referendum by the Spanish center, the CCA has developed a plan of attack, which was held during the President's trip to the Eastern regions of the country. Charged with murder was the SLA group (coordinator of "Lieutenant in the Knees"), acting in the area of Nancy, Metz. It was supposed to blow up the railway or to use during a rally of canine-demolition. The most famous assassination attempt of President was taken by the group of bastien-Thierry. The operation was 22.8.1962 with the participation of 15 militants led by the Colonel of the air force Jean-Marc Bastien-Thierry. De Gaulle was followed to the airport from the Elysee Palace. In the car with him were Colonel Alain de Boisso and wife. Terrorists, hiding behind standing along the roadside of the car, waited for the car of the President close, and bastien-Thierry opened fire. Thanks to the skill of the driver and the mistakes of the terrorists, de Gaulle was without wounds has been removed from the fire, was not injured none of the occupants of the vehicle. The terrorists were convicted, 6 of them in absentia. Six court issued a death sentence. With the exception of Colonel bastien-Thierry, were all pardoned.