The assassination of A. Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 14.4.1865 at Ford's theater during a performance. The conspirators, in accordance with the plan, was to kill Lewis Payne and David Herold — Secretary of state William Seward, George Azeroth — Vice-President Andrew Johnston, John Booth — President Lincoln. John Wilkes Booth — a stage actor, believed that Lincoln responsible for the outbreak of the civil war. At 21 h 30 min Booth, taking advantage of the absence of protection, was included in the box of the President and with the words: "Death to tyrants!" — shot at Lincoln. The President was wounded in the head and the next morning died. Booth, broke his leg while fleeing, and Harald fled, but was discovered 11 days later on a tobacco farm. Booth shot himself in order not to be caught by the police, Herold surrendered. Payne, penetrated by night into the house of the Secretary, dealt the final blow with a knife, which did not result in serious consequences. All involved in the conspiracy, was arrested and hanged, three more people indirectly involved in the assassination (among them — the doctor that assisted booth), sentenced to various terms of imprisonment.