The seizure of the Japanese Embassy

the Revolutionary movement of Tupac Amaru

the Seizure of the Embassy of Japan — operation, delivering RDTA world famous. A detachment of 20 fighters, armed with AK penetrated 17.12.1996 to the Japanese Embassy from a nearby building through an underground passage. Just captured 490 (40 diplomats from 26 countries, many Ministers, the brother of the President of Peru, etc.) who were in the Embassy on the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of Emperor Akihito. The terrorists demanded the release of leaders and associates 400 prisoners, made demands of the political-economic nature. Was soon released women and children" on the tenth day the Embassy left 103 hostages, 22.4.1997 -72 hostage. The Embassy released a Peruvian commando through the underground passage. During the operation killed a hostage and 2 commandos killed all the terrorists.