Terrorism in Kosovo

Terrorism in Kosovo

2000.08.04 Kosovo

In the village of Mali alas, three Gypsies exploded on a mine near his house; in the village of MAGURA, killed a twelve-year-old Albanian boy; two people killed in their car near the town of PECs; wounded activist of the Democratic League of Kosovo in the town of Srbica.


2000.08.19 Kosovo

In the Serbian village of Vodice Cercone to the North from Pristina, from a passing car, an unknown person threw two grenades at a basketball court. The explosion injured nine children.


2000.10.15 Kosovo

the UN Police in Kosovo arrested in Pristina on 25 people, including 16 women. Arrests made in investigation of the murder of two Albanians.


2000.10.24 Kosovo

Unidentified persons fired from a grenade launcher apartment building in Pristina. The crime was directed against living in the house of the Serbs. No one was hurt.


2000.11.10 Kosovo

In one of the villages killed four Roma.


2000.11.22 Kosovo

In Pristina attacked the residence of the representative of the government of Yugoslavia in the region of the Stanimir Vukicevic. The explosion killed one and injured 6 Serbs.


2000.11.22 Kosovo

in the demilitarized zone In southern Serbia, the Albanian terrorists killed four and wounded 13 Serbian police.


2000.11.24 Kosovo, Pristina

Shot dead near his home adviser to Ibrahim Rugova Jemal Mustafa.


2000.12.05 Kosovo

Kosovo militants fired rocket-propelled grenades in the territory of South Serbia the position of the Serbian police.


2000.12.17 Kosovo

Two Serbs were killed and one wounded in the town of Leposavic police of the UN mission in Kosovo. UN police opened fire on the Serbs, demanding the release of detainees by police on the eve of the countryman.