The assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1914. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria-Hungary, occupied the post of General inspector of the armed forces of the Empire. Killed in Sarajevo (Bosnia), where an inspection of Austrian troops. Arranged by Austria in Bosnia maneuvers in Serbia was perceived as the threat of war. A visit to Franz Ferdinand's manoeuvres in the historical day of the battle of Kosovo was perceived as an insult to national feelings. The Austrians, although he was warned of the impending attack through multiple channels, including a received information from the Serbian ate in Vienna, did nothing for the safety of the Archduke. In Sarajevo the heir 28.6.1914 went to a reception at the town hall. On the waterfront in his car a terrorist N. Cabrinovic threw a grenade, but the damage caused was not. After the reception in the town hall, the Archduke's car appeared in the street of Franz Joseph, where was fired the Principle. The first bullet was mortally wounded Countess Sofia Khotek (the wife of the Archduke), and the second Franz Ferdinand. In this case the court brought 25 members of the organization "Mlada Bosna". It turned out that the plot prepared in Belgrade, where the terrorists received weapons from the organisation "Unification or death". In late may 1914, a group of terrorists crossed into Bosnia. In Sarajevo, the terrorists joined John Cubrilovic, Flower quick Popovic, Misko Jovanovic, Mehmed, etc. Mehmedbasic Danilo Ilic, as the organizer of the assassination, sentenced to death; the Principle, Cabrinovic, Trifko Robbery (expelled from Bosnia, a student, joined the conspirators in Belgrade), to 20 years imprisonment (died in prison from tuberculosis); Popovich to 30 (the only one who came out alive from prison). Shot Principle became the formal reason which began a month later the First world war.