The assassination of F. V. Dubasov

the Governor of Moscow F. V. Dubasov by order of the BO, the AKP had to be killed. The terrorists for a long time was preparing a terrorist attack against him. Monitoring started with the beginning of February, was carried out Killerby and B. Wnorowski. The attempt had been postponed several times: the attack was planned to be held on 2, 3 March, then 24, 25, 26 March, when the conspirators joined V. Wnorowski. 23.4.1906, "king's day", Dubasov was supposed to attend divine service in the Kremlin. The terrorists blocked: B. Wnorowski — Tverskaya street, V. Wnorowski — Trinity gates, Sillero — Borovitskaya. B. Wnorowski tried to kill the Governor, throwing a bomb at his carriage, but he was only wounded Dubasov, died in the explosion count Konovnitsyn and a terrorist himself.