The assassination attempt on John Paul II

John Paul II suffered an armed attack 13.5.1981 at 17 h 17 min., in celebration of the "phenomenon of the virgin of Fatima". The terrorist militant Turkish organization Grey wolves Agca, still 26.11.1979 first declared the intention to kill the Pope. The assassination took place on St. Peter's square. Agca was arrested by the policeman and bystanders nun. The square is, except for Agca, the terrorist Oral Celik, Omer AI and other Associates Agca in case of a miss was also to shoot the Pope and throw smoke bombs to facilitate escape. Agca shot from a 9 mm Browning manufactured in Belgium. Only managed to do 3 shots (bullets hit in the arm and stomach of the victim); he also hurt the people who came to the area. The Pontiff was immediately evacuated to a hospital Jamile, where he underwent surgery that lasted 5 hours 22.7.1981 Agca was sentenced to life imprisonment.