Kyrgyzstan: the invasion of armed groups of the Uzbek Islamists (1999)

Kyrgyzstan: the invasion of armed groups of the Uzbek Islamists

From the territory of Tajikistan into the Batken district of Kyrgyzstan took place in late August 1999.

the Units of the Islamic opposition in Uzbekistan found refuge in Tajikistan in the period of instability of state power of the young independent state. In the North-Eastern parts of the country, where a large Uzbek Diaspora, Islamists were created numerous bases and training camps, which trained professional fighters. Crossing Kyrgyz border, the Islamists wanted to cross the territory of Kyrgyzstan and into Uzbekistan to intensify Islamic insurgency. The coincidence in time of war in Dagestan suggests that both wars koordiniruyutsya of the foreign Islamic centers.

Initially, the Islamists, whose forces numbered more than 400 people, has achieved some success: they captured several mountain villages, a few dozen local residents were held hostage. The Mujahideen were also captured the commander of the internal troops of Kyrgyzstan, major-General Saikeev and 4 Japanese geologists, in exchange for the liberation which the Islamists are demanding the release from prison of Uzbekistan several thousand like-minded people.

But after the initial success pushing deep into Kyrgyzstan stalled until September 25, 1999 on the territory of Batken district of continuous fighting between government troops and rebels, who do not leave attempts to break into the interior of the country.

Intense fighting continued until the end of the first decade of October. According to news agencies, 14.10.1999 only about 100 Uzbek Islamists remained in HOJO-Achinskom district of Kyrgyzstan. By the end of the month, all the militants were expelled from the Republic.

for 14 - October 26, held talks on the liberation of hostages, which was attended by the head of the militants Amagai.

the Hostages were released on the following dates:

October 14: an employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs and three policemen

18 October: commander of the internal troops of Kyrgyzstan major-General Shamkeev and Lieutenant Colonel of internal troops dzhumabaev

October 26: Japanese geologists

According to officials of Kyrgyzstan, the release of the hostages was carried out without payment of ransom.