The seizure of OPEC Ministers in Vienna

Austria, 1975. Palestinian terrorism

the Operation in Vienna 22.12.1975 was carried out by an international team of terrorists, consisting of representatives from Latin America, Germany, Middle East. Terrorists kidnapped the Ministers of oil industry of the OPEC countries gathered in the conference (81 delegate). At the head of the group was Carlos the Jackal (his fee for the operation, according to some estimates, amounted to 20 million dollars). On the second day of the conference, the terrorist Carlos, two members of the RAF, two Palestinians and Lebanese, after a short skirmish (in which two policemen were killed, an employee, a member of the Iraqi delegation, the delegate from Libya and injured 7 people) entered the courtroom. Was also wounded by German terrorist Hans Klein, Joachim. He was taken to the hospital, where he was assisted, after which he was returned to his comrades. Terrorists mined the courtroom and threatened to undermine it in the case of assault, and demanded ransom for the hostages and ensure the smooth departure from the country. Freeing 41 delegate them under the guise of remaining flew through Algeria to Libya.