The capture of the ship "Santa Maria"

Brazil, 1961. The capture of the ship "Santa Maria"

the Passenger ship "Santa Maria" left the port of Curacao 21.1.1961. On Board were 588 passengers and 350 crew members. The destination port is Miami. Was captured by a group of 29 Portuguese rebels. Headed terrorists Enrique Galvao, his assistant Jorge Sottomayor. On the ship the terrorists infiltrated under the guise of crew members and passengers. Weapons carried in Luggage. The night after the departure of a group of rebels seized the bridge and were there killed two officers. In the morning passengers were announced the capture of the ship and changing course. 3.2.1961 the ship arrived in Recife (Brazil), where the crew and passengers were released. In Brazil, the rebels had taken refuge. Terrorists antilazarus, the seizure of the vessel was made to attract the attention of the world community to antilazarus struggle in Portugal.