Fighting in the novolak district (Dagestan, 1999)

fighting in the novolak district (Dagestan, 1999)


September 2

shelled a post of internal troops, located in the village of Duchi novolak district of Dagestan. Victims among the Russian troops there.


September 5

From the territory of Chechnya in the Novolaksky district of Dagestan infiltrated 2,000 fighters led by Basayev and Khattab. The terrorists have occupied several villages and moving in the direction of Khasavyurt. Under the assumptions, the Islamists intend to capture Khasavyurt and proclaim there the creation of an independent Islamic state in Dagestan.


6 September

the Rebels are going to develop the offensive on three fronts: tsumadinskogo, Khasavyurt and Kizlyar.

Extremists seized the Dagestani village of Novolakskoye, Chapaevo, Susie, Ahar, Navoloki, Tukhchar, Tamiyah. In Chechnya, the militants are concentrated in the settlements Cedary, Kinki, Hindus, Casilda, ishkhoy-Yurt and Zamay-Yurt.

In Dagestan, is currently about 2,000 fighters. The total number of units extremists in Dagestan and Chechnya - to 5,000 people.

In novolak in the building of the police Department was blocked up to 40 policemen. Later they managed to break out of encirclement with the support of break through to them armored vehicles.

During the fighting in the novolak district of the loss of the Federal forces amounted to 14 killed and 17 wounded. During the fighting, knocked out one tank and one armored personnel carrier of the Federal forces.

In response to a new invasion of extremists in Dagestan in the Republic declared mobilization. 25 thousand volunteers ready to fight.

All units of the Federal forces in Dagestan placed under the command of MO. The commander of the group appointed Lieutenant-General Gennady Troshin.


September 7

the Federal forces stopped the militants 5 kilometers from Khasavyurt. The Mujahideen seized several villages in the vicinity of the district and are preparing for a long defense.

in addition, the troops of Basayev hold 6 previously captured their villages and creating a "deeply layered defense system".


September 10

fighting in the novolak district. During the day, the aircraft struck more than forty air strikes. The extremists is building up forces, are transported ammunition and arms, built fortifications.

With the beginning of active hostilities in Dagestan in August 1999, the loss of the Federal forces consisted of 149 soldiers killed, 522 wounded, 20 missing. These data do not include losses of internal Affairs of Dagestan and of the militia.