Fighting in the Kadar zone (1999)

Fighting in the Kadar zone (1999)

September 1

internal troops attempted to log in Karamakhi and after a three-hour battle left the village.

as of 7 August, the Ministry of internal Affairs was lost 21 persons, 116 were injured.

September 3

the Federal troops came to the outskirts of Chabanmakhi and moved into the interior of the village karamahi. But because of the high risk of attacks from militants entrenched on the commanding heights, the Russian troops left the occupied position. Russian divisions also carry out control of the road Levashi-Buynaksk, and in some sections of the pass "Wolf's gate".

during the fighting in Dagestan was killed by two mercenaries: Pakistani Muhammad Irsan Jana and Arab from Saudi Arabia, al Khalidi harbi.

the loss of the Federal forces on August 29, has reached 28 people dead and over 100 wounded.

6 September

the preparation for the storming of Karamakhi and Chabanmakhi. During the day on the positions of militants strikes with aircraft and artillery.

September 7

On September 7, troops were tasked to take the village of Karamakhi.

In the first half of the day special forces EXPLOSIVES and a detachment SOBR of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dagestan entered the outskirts of Karamakhi. The purpose of the activity is reconnaissance.

during the day units of the army and the interior Ministry stormed the village. In this widely used artillery fire for destruction of enemy fortifications. The greatest threat to servicemen of the Federal forces imagined sniper fire fighters.

carried out against militants in Karamakhi operation cost Federal troops in two dead and 15 wounded.

September 8

Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo said that field commanders Basayev, Khattab and Basayev, forces forces which carried out aggression in Dagestan, receive financial support from Osama bin Laden. Especially increased subsidies extremists in early September. The money sent to Chechnya as couriers, and Bank operations.

September 10

Federal forces have completed a sweep of the village Kamiah in the Kadar zone.