Destroyed Buinaksk Jamaat

In Makhachkala during the storming of the building destroyed seven terrorists, among them two women – members of the Buynaksk Jamaat. Among the killed were 27-year-old leader of the group Khizri Mamayev, who is suspected in the attack on the car with the military personnel 5 November 2007 in Buynaksk (killed two servicemen of the 136th brigade, one wounded), 18-year-old Dinara Gazieva, Ruslan Avakov, Imamura Amirbekov and Kurbanov Mehdi Elkhan oglu, Askhar Abakarov, the wife of the last Salamat Israpilov who is suspected in the shooting in August 2007, Deputy chief of the city police Department of Buynaksk Abdulmajid Rasulov.