The assassination of V. I. Lenin

Lenin repeatedly subjected to attacks of the opponents of the Bolshevik regime. 1.1.1918 car Lenin, Simeon crossed the bridge, was fired. The terrorists were not detained, but set their number to 12 people. Among the attackers — members of the Petrograd police officers. Organized the assassination of Prince D. I. Shahovsky. "The Union of knights of St. George" of Petrograd was preparing an attempt on Lenin. The conspiracy is unmasked in mid-Jan. 1918 thanks to the treachery of one of the participants who were assigned to hunt down and kill Lenin, that the promised reward of 20 thousand rubles in gold. Security officers grabbed the leaders of the conspiracy; as a kind of atonement, they were sent to the front. Their further fate is unknown. In the end, the assassination attempt by Fanny Kaplan 30.8.1918 Lenin was wounded by two bullets. Remain suspicions that the shot is not Kaplan. According to the official version, personally executed Mashkovym (the commandant of the Kremlin) three days after the attack.